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    Who we are

4 Pharma & Health BV - The Netherlands, a brief introduction:

4Pharma & Health BV is acting as a sourcing specialist, in order to find rare Pharmaceutical products for our customers.  We are not spending time on commodities, but our focus is on searching and screening valuable partners for special products, with a strong focus on good GMP conditions. One of our specializations is focussing on old molecules with a new indication. Molecules, which are almost forgotten, but with a great potential, in many times in another formulation than usual, for a new indication/treatment.  For examples see our website www.drug-rediscovery.com.

Not only rare API’s, but also new entities and also focussed on Finished Formulations, again with a sharp eye on quality conditions, which have to be in compliance with Western standard guidelines.  As a result of our decades of experience in purchasing for major generic and innovative pharmaceutical companies, we have established a great International network. We consider this network as our enormous asset. We are fully aware of the fact that business can only be successful on base of mutual understanding and respect. We cannot promise that we always will find your solution, but our aim is to go for both customer and manufacturer satisfaction.

That’s our challenge, That’s our approach, That’s our mission, That’s what we are. No Nonsense, but trust and reliability.

Please feel free to contact us. It would be our privilege to serve you.