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Using Old Molecules with New Indications.

We have experience with projects using (old) existing molecules for new therapeutic indications. Also known as drug repositioning or drug rediscovery.
The use of old molecules can be very cost effective and is an upcoming phenomenon.

Projects are initiated with us by medical experts, looking for solutions for their patients in order to safeguard quality issues and access for other patients worldwide.
In many cases the new indication is recognized as a side effect and prescribed as off label use.

Drug Rediscovery is also new for local and International Medicinal Authorities and requires a totally new approach.

We are in regular contact with the official authorities as EMA and MEB  (http://english.cbg-meb.nl/) , as well as The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development, see www.zonmw.nl/en.

For more information see our specialized website www.drug-rediscovery.com for inquiries or projects.